First shoot of Fall...

Well hello all! I know I have been awful at this whole blogging thing, trying to get better about it though, honestly. ;) I'd like to start off my "Back to Blogging" with a few photos from this lovely family shoot. Even though it was the first week of Fall, the weather was still very hot here in FL, but this family managed to still look wonderful through the day and I am very honerd that they chose me as their photographer. Take a look...

- Moriah

Fashion Friday (week one)

Soo I promised the "Fashion Friday" blog post every Friday and the past 2 Fridays I was either really busy or totally forgot. But today is a new Friday and I remembered this time!...So here is an outfit, not the best picture, but oh well, it'll be better next time. :P

So the top I bought new for $0.25 at a local store here... Its just a t-shirt dressed up.

The skirt was actually a dress that I got on sale at Walmart for $3, but I cut the top off of it, (cause it was ugly ;)) and made it a skirt that can be put with tonsss of shirts!

The shoes I got new for $4 at a local store, but can be found at Target!

And necklace was my grandmothers...So this whole outfit was $7.25 brand new, not bad! ;)

Fashion (and not the weird kind)

Its been a while since I last wrote on here, so I figured it was time for a post.... 

I was thinking today, that two of my favorite things are Photography & Fashion, so why not just put them together right here on the blog? I mean I do wanna be a Fashion Photographer anyways and it will keep me posting more! So from now on every Friday will be "Fashion Friday" I'll be posting a favorite outfit of mine, telling you where I got it and how much!....And when I say fashion, I don't mean one piece of weird looking clothing that all the celebs wear that costs $250. (such as this....weirdness)

I mean totally different articles of clothing bought for a great price, brand new, put together several different ways to make tons of outfits, and cute outfits at that! ;) (something more along the lines of this :))

i wish i had this..

Soo if you have absolutely nothing to do on Friday, then be sure to come back here and check it outt. 

Hey Girl!

This week over at I Heart Faces the theme for this week is "Hey Girl":) ... I'm kind of a fan of this theme! While trying to decide which photo I would enter...This one came to mind. I took this of my 10 month old baby sister, Juliana.... I mean, what doesn't say girl like some pearls and a big red bow?? ;-)

Photo Challenge Submission

David & Meghan

This weekend I was able to go to a beautiful wedding, and shoot some pictures through out the entire day. I was definitely able to get some sweet photos of the bride and groom, but I wont be able to post the actual ones from the wedding till a few more days. So while I cant post any real ones, I'll post this one of her amazing ring! Shot this while she was getting her hair done. Be sure to check back for some actual wedding photos later this week. :)

Time for another post

Well considering I haven't posted in a while, I'd say its time to post something, and I have the perfect thing to post! A couple weeks ago I had an awesome shoot with a pretty cool couple, that was totally great in front of the camera. I'm super happy with the way these turned out! Check em outt.